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Signature Membership lets you earn rewards simply by turning to Wescom for your financial needs.

Wescom Checking features no minimum-balance requirement, fee-free access to 30,000 Wescom and CO-OP Network ATMs, fee-free checking options, and mobile banking.

Whether you're looking for a traditional savings plan, a high-rate flexible account, or a guaranteed return, we have the savings options that can help your money grow.

Certificate Accounts are a great way to save and make more money over time. To lock in a rate just choose the length of time you want to leave the money in the account.

Wescom offers a variety of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) designed to help you meet your long-range investment goals.

A Money Market Account will help make your money work for you. You'll have instant access to your cash and the added convenience of check-writing privileges.

Help your kids get a head start on earning their money! Wescom offers three savings accounts geared toward providing financial education for our younger members.