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eBranch FAQ

Why is there a new eBranch?

As technology advances, so must we by keeping our online access channels like eBranch and Mobile moving forward. We realize that this type of major change to an application, which has remained unchanged for many years, will be an adjustment.

The new eBranch actively reflects technological advancements to better serve and appeal to our members. We also diligently listened to comments and suggestions from our members and designed the new eBranch to improve the usability and accessibility of the site.

Why change now?

With the increased access of eBranch through mobile devices, it was time to make this move forward with a site that introduces a fresh look; a site that uses the latest technology for rendering content on any screen.

Will my account information be the same?

Yes. Your account information will remain the same, it will just have a new, and improved look for increased accessibility. Any transactions performed in this new site will post to your account.

Will the new eBranch work on my computer, laptop, and mobile device?

Yes. This is just one of the many upgrades to the new eBranch. From any device, the new eBranch site will adjust to fit any screen.

Will the new eBranch work on Internet Explorer?

If you use Internet Explorer, version nine or higher is required. Current versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome may also be used.

Can I manage multiple accounts with one logon?

Yes, you can access and manage multiple accounts by using Manage Account Access, which allows others to grant you access to manage their accounts. This feature is available on eBranch and on the Wescom Mobile Banking App for Apple® devices.
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What are panels?

The Home Page consists of several windows referred to as "panels." These panels help organize the page by grouping data such as Pending Debit Card or Pending Credit Card transactions as well as separating different functions such as a Quick Transfer or Quick BillPayer.

What is a gear?

A gear image will be displayed throughout the site. This image will give you access to unique actions, such as viewing details about a transaction, editing, or cancelling a transfer or payment.


  • On the Home Page Balances — click on the gear next to a share ID to view functions for that share such as Customize Account Description, Place a Stop Payment, or Order Checks.
  • On BillPayer Pending Payments, click on the gear next to a pending item to edit or cancel the payment.

Where do I change my account profile information?

You can change your email address, home, and mailing address, as well as your phone number under User Settings, the gear next to the Logout button.

How do I set my preferred account for BillPayer payments?

To set your preferred account for your BillPayer payments, click on the User Settings gear icon next to the Logout button. Click My Preferences, User Setting.

How do I transfer funds to another member?

On the Home Page, from the Quick Transfer panel, select the From account on the drop down list, then select the To dropdown and choose Other Member Accounts or Any Other Member.


What is the Scheduled panel?

The Scheduled panel is displayed on the Home Page and it includes any pending automatic transfers between your accounts or to/from another institution, loan payments, and BillPay payments.

What is the Credit Card Pending panel?

The Credit Card Pending panel is displayed on the Home Page and it includes the pending Credit Card transactions.

What is the Debit Card Pending panel?

The Debit Card Pending panel is displayed on the Home Page and it includes the pending Debit Card transactions.

What is the Quick BillPayer panel?

The Quick BillPayer panel can be used to schedule a one-time BillPayer payment. To schedule multiple payments or add a payee, click on Go To BillPayer, then from the drop down menu select the BillPayer Default Payment Account.

How do I send an email to Wescom?

To access your eMailbox and send an email, click on the envelope icon to the left of the Logout button.

How do I get back to the eBranch home page?

To get back to the eBranch Home Page, click on Account Info on the top menu option or the Wescom logo in the left corner.

How do I schedule multiple BillPayer Payments?

To schedule multiple payments from one screen, click on BillPayer on the top menu. Select the account to pay from, select the payee, once you have provided the amount and date you may click on Add Another Payment. Add your payments then click Submit to review the confirmation.