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Auto Loan Transfer

Transfer or refinance to lower the payment on your auto loan — all straight from your iPhone.

It's as Easy as Snap, Click, Save

In three easy steps Loan Transfer can help you take advantage of your Pre-Approved Auto Loan offers, by helping you:

  1. Save money by potentially lowering your monthly payment
  2. Save time by enjoying the convenience of doing all your banking in one place
  3. Save on banking by earning Signature Points to unlock added Signature Membership savings and benefits*

How It Works

The Loan Transfer feature will guide you through these quick and easy steps.

Step One: Start with your current auto loan documentation including your current loan statement, Vehicle Registration, Proof of Insurance, and the current mileage on your vehicle.

Step Two: Use the Document Capture feature to snap a picture of your current auto loan documentation.

Step Three: Fill in the requested information and submit. We'll do the rest.

Getting Started

To start using Loan Transfer download the latest version of the Wescom iPhone App by visiting the iPhone App Store and follow the simple online instructions.

Android Version Coming Soon!

The Loan Transfer feature is available for members who are Pre-Approved for a Wescom Auto Loan. Existing Wescom Auto Loans do not qualify.

*Earn two Signature Points for your first Wescom Auto Loan and one Signature Point for each subsequent Wescom Auto Loan.

Signature Membership and Benefits are achieved with five Signature Points; Platinum Signature Membership and Benefits are achieved with eight Signature Points. Click here for complete Signature Membership details.