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Debit Card Overdraft Protection

Opt-in for Debit Card Overdraft Protection and avoid declined Debit Card transactions.

Take Advantage of Debit Card Overdraft Protection

Avoid having your Debit Card transaction declined with the convenience of Debit Card Overdraft Protection. When you opt-in for Debit Card Overdraft Protection, we may approve your everyday Debit Card transactions even when you don't have the money in your account.

How Debit Card Overdraft Protection Helps You

Sometimes funds you deposit into your Checking Account are not immediately available. Debit Card Overdraft Protection enables us to authorize and pay your Debit Card transactions when this happens.

Why is Opt-In Required?

A federal regulation requires checking account holders to opt in or actively agree to Debit Card Overdraft Protection before we can provide this service. If you don't tell us you want this protection, we must deny Debit Card debit transactions when you don't have enough funds in your account.

How do I Opt In?

If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on everyday Debit Card transactions you can opt in to coverage several easy ways:

How can I avoid overdrafts in the first place?

Wescom provides you with various electronic tools to keep tabs on your account and avoid overdrafts. Just click on the links below to learn more about these options:

  • Account Alerts: We can notify you by email or text alert when a check is deposited in your account or your balance drops below a certain threshold.
  • eText: If you want to check your balance, just ask and we'll send you that information via text message to your mobile phone.
  • Mobile Banking: If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can transfer money between accounts, just as you would on your computer.

For additional information on Wescom Debit Card Overdraft Protection, please refer to the Questions and Answers.