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Overdraft Protection

Debit Card Overdraft Protection

Opt-in for Debit Card Overdraft Protection and avoid declined Debit Card transactions.

Why Opt in to Debit Card Overdraft Protection?

It’s Free

There’s no fee to opt-in to the service and there’s no fee if you don’t use it. If you opt-in and we approve your transaction when you don’t have sufficient funds in your account, a courtesy fee of $30 per transaction will be charged, with a limit of four fees per day, but you may not always have to pay. Signature Members receive one fee waiver per year, while Platinum Signature Members receive two fee waivers per year.

It’s Convenient

Your purchase may be approved when you have insufficient funds in your checking account. Here are just a few examples of why members are opting in to Debit Card Overdraft Protection:

  • You’re standing in line at the grocery store, but your spouse just purchased a new pair of shoes without you knowing of the purchase. If you have Debit Card Overdraft Protection, you could avoid the embarrassment of being declined for the grocery purchase.
  • Your direct deposit will post tomorrow morning, but you’re running low on gas and won’t make it home. With Debit Card Overdraft Protection, you can go ahead and purchase that gas and make it home safely.
  • You forgot to log a transaction or miscalculated your available funds. You’re out to lunch with co-workers. With Debit Card Overdraft Protection, you have that added “back-up” plan which may help you avoid a Debit Card decline at the register.