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2014 Signature Membership

Signature Membership Benefits for 2014

Announcing Signature Membership 2014

Absolutely Rewarding

Start 2014 off right by qualifying for the benefits and savings of Signature Membership. To qualify, simply earn Signature Points by using popular Wescom products and services, such as signing up for eStatements, actively using eBranch , or actively using a Wescom Visa® Credit Card. It only takes five Signature Points to qualify for Signature Membership or eight points to experience the added benefits of Platinum Signature Membership.

Check Your Signature Scorecard

Check your Signature Score by logging on to eBranch to find out if you qualify or if you need more points. Earn those additional Signature Points by December 31 so you don’t lose out on Signature Member Benefits, such as:

Banking That’s Absolutely Rewarding

Learn more about the benefits of Signature Membership or call us at 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266).

All of the above benefits are offered on an annual basis, unless noted otherwise. Other terms and conditions apply.

*Waived for Platinum Signature Members and Signature Members; New Checking Accounts for the first 90 days; members age 19 through 22 who have logged on to eBranch in the past 30 days and who have opted out of paper statements; Youth Accounts (members through age 18); members age 60 and older; and Club and Organization Accounts.

Signature Membership Benefit