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Signature Membership

Rewards for Your Wescom Relationships

Signature Relationships

Signature Relationships reward members based on the depth of each member’s relationship with the Credit Union. Wescom assigns a point value to certain accounts and services, so the more you use your membership, the more rewards you will enjoy.

Qualifying Relationships and Current Relationships

Qualifying Relationships refers to the highest number of relationships you have achieved during the current calendar year. It is the number that determines your Signature Relationships Score. Current Relationships refers your current level of activity in the Credit Union and may be lower than your Qualifying Relationships. For example, if you recently paid off a Wescom Auto Loan, your Current Relationships would reflect the loss of two Signature Relationships.

Getting Signature Relationships

To earn Signature Relationships, simply use Wescom for your financial needs!

Your Signature Score will update monthly to reflect any Signature Relationships increase for using the following products and services:



Electronic Services

Loans or Credit Cards

Insurance and Financial Services

Student Relationship

  • Members age 18-25 NEW in 2016!

Account Open Date

  • Account open longer than 10 years
  • Account open longer than 25 years
  • Account open longer than 50 years: Automatic Platinum Signature Membership NEW in 2016!**

Locating Your Signature Score

It’s easy to keep track of your score. Your relationships will be available:

*Used service for two transactions during the previous calendar month.

** Members who have been disqualified from Signature Membership are not eligible for the 50+ year relationship.

†Used service in the past 30 days

††Direct Deposit must be $500+ per month for two of the three most recent months

Signature Membership Benefit