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College Saver Certificate

Start earning dividends for your college education with a College Saver Certificate. Featuring a $250 minimum deposit and a 36-month term, you can make additional deposits during the Certificate's term as long as your child is under the age of 18.

Opening and Transferring into a College Saver Certificate Via eBranch FAQ

Can College Saver Certificates be opened on any account?
No, the College Saver Certificate can only be opened on PiggyBankers, Fortune Finders, and GenEdge accounts where the Primary account holder is under 18 years old.
What is the minimum balance required to open a College Saver Certificate?
The minimum balance required to open a College Saver Certificate is $250.00.
Can I transfer funds into the College Saver Certificate?
Yes, transfers are allowed from the same account or from any other account at Wescom. There is no maximum limit.
Can I set up a recurring transfer into the College Saver Certificate?
No, recurring transfers are not allowed into the College Saver Certificate.
What is the term for the College Saver Certificate?
The term is 36 months.
Can I add a joint owner to the College Saver Certificate?
You can add any existing joint owners to your new College Saver Certificate. If you would like to add a new joint owner, you must print the joint owner designation form that is available through the opening process on eBranch. Once Wescom receives the completed form, a copy of the joint owner's government issued photo ID, and is able to verify the information provided, the joint owner(s) will be added to the new account. You can mail the form to: Wescom Credit Union, ATTN: Member Services PO Box 7058, Pasadena, CA 91109-7058, or bring the form into any branch location.
What happens to the College Saver Certificate once my child turns 18?
Once the Primary Account Holder turns 18, the College Saver Certificate will remain as-is until its next maturity, at which point it will convert to a regular 36-Month Certificate.
Who do I contact if I have further questions about College Saver Certificates?
You can contact us at 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266) during normal business hours. For hours and locations click here. Or you can email us at