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Fortune Finders Youth Account

Fortune Finders is the second step in our Youth Account Program that helps children ages 11 to 14 learn how to save responsibly.

For Members Ages 11 to 14

As children learn more about money, the Fortune Finders Account offers them additional freedoms, benefits, and responsibilities. With the Fortune Finders Account, children have their very own savings account and the option to receive their first Visa® Debit Card and Checking Account.

Fee-Free Savings Account

It only takes $1 to open a Fortune Finders Savings Account and the standard $5 monthly service fee is waived for all Youth Account Members.

ATM Card with $100 Withdrawal Limit

The Fortune Finders ATM Card has a daily withdrawal limit of $100 and gives children access to deposit or withdraw funds from their account through any ATM.

Free Online Banking with eBranch

Fortune Finders Members and their parents can manage their money online through eBranch, Wescom's free home banking service.

Option to Open a Wescom Checking Account

With a qualifying parent as a co-signer, Fortune Finders can open a fee-free Checking Account and receive a box of free checks and a Wescom Visa® Debit Card with a $250 daily spending limit.

Option to Open College Saver Certificates

With a Fortune Finder Account, you have the option to open a College Saver Certificate so you can start earning dividends for the cost of your child's college education. Featuring a $250 minimum deposit and a 36-month term, you can make additional deposits during the Certificate's term as long as your child is under the age of 18.

Option to Receive a Wescom Visa® Debit Card

With a Wescom Checking Account, Fortune Finders have the option to receive their first Wescom Visa® Debit Card that comes with a $250 daily spending limit and can be used to pay for purchases or as an ATM card with a $100 daily withdrawal limit.

Regular Statements to Show How a Fortune Finder's Account Grows

Children can see how dividends increase their account balance and track savings goals.

Informative Quarterly Youth Newsletters

Every Fortune Finder Member receives a subscription to our quarterly newsletter filled with cool facts about cash, money-saving ideas, and financial basics.

Automatic Transfer to a GenEdge Account at Age 15

When you child reaches age 15, they will be automatically transferred to a GenEdge Account — the next step in our Youth Account Program for young adult members ages 15-17.

What You Will Need to Get Started

To open a Fortune Finders Account, stop by any Wescom branch location with:

  • A parent or legal guardian to act as a joint owner on the account
  • $1 minimum deposit
  • One of the following forms of identification for the child:
    • School I.D. Card
    • California State I.D. Card
    • U.S. Passport
    • Birth Certificate

For more information call 1-888-4WESCOM (1-888-493-7266) to speak to a Wescom Representative or stop by any Wescom branch location.

A parent or legal guardian must be a Joint Owner on the Checking Account and ATM/Visa Debit Card. Account opening and Visa® Debit Card subject to verification through an account verification service and reserve the right to deny any application based on the results of negative information received through that service; and Credit Union approval.